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My Story

I absolutely understand how stress, anxiety, pain, and chronic

ill health lead to a lack of self confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.

Top this off with the belief that achieving life goals and ambitions

is unattainable and you feel lost and out in the cold.

It is now my mission to help people in a new way. People who,

like myself, have experienced physical and/or mental health

difficulties and chronic pain to flourish. In spite of their obstacles.


I have struggled with physical pain since childhood and dealt with

chronic anxiety and depression as a direct consequence. In

childhood, I refused to let my condition limit me physically.

In fact, I often did exactly what I was told not to, in little acts

of defiance, like horse riding. The thing is, as children we possess

astounding resilience. Somewhere down the line, though, life

lessons - from good teachers and bad - usually change our

thinking, and our behaviours age along with us. I continued

with life the best I could and enjoyed all the teenage activities

everyone else was enjoying (albeit with pain). I knew no different.


However, over time my anxiety grew and I saw everything as a 

threat. Threats to the life I led and the health that seemed more 

and more precarious each day. When I was in my 40s I feared my life was over. I received a diagnosis for an auto immune condition that seemed to be life-limiting, and finally, inevitably, the fear I had carried all my life that something 'bad' would get me came true.


I spent a year catastrophising, arranging my affairs, planning my funeral in my head, and worrying about my loved ones. Unsurprisingly this didn't help my symptoms. With some luck and nurturing, that childlike resilience I thought long-gone had a chance to emerge again.


I started my journey with building in small acts of resilient defiance; meditation and stretching each morning being the first. That helped me to remain calmer during the day.


Where a multitude of medical treatments, dietary adjustments, self-help techniques, massages, counselling, and various alternative therapies may have had small impacts , my turning point came when someone came into my life and convinced me that it was time to invest in myself - intentionally, emotionally, and financially. I had never indulged myself by investing in myself like this before and I decided to go on the journey of Rapid Transformational Therapy as developed by Marisa Peer.

I never would have believed it at the outset, but here I am. Less pain. Decreased symptoms. No pain relief medication. My anxiety only surfaces when it is necessary for my safety and wellbeing. It's no longer that permanent loop, cyclic thoughts of any and every possible catastrophic outcome.


I have developed my career, self-confidence, self-esteem and I am absolutely living my best most authentic life yet. 


You can too!!


A form of hypnotherapy and coaching with rapid results, rather than months or years of therapy, has been the catalyst to change, enabling me to know that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to - the large and small and everything between. I want to share the amazing transformational benefits of this method with you.

Here at Open Mind Healing, If you are willing to commit to the process, I will commit to helping you to manage your chronic pain and health conditions be it physical health, mental health or both.


I can help you rediscover the resilience that you may have forgotten and achieve the life ambitions and goals that you may have thought were out of reach.

Learn more about my approach and how I can help you to reach your goals and live your best, most authentic life, just as I have.   


I am committed to helping you on your journey of personal growth, improved health and wellbeing.  

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