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The 90 Day Vibrant Vitality Coaching Programme

The Vibrant Vitality Coaching Programme


Vibrant Vitality

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What Can You Achieve

  • Be your most authentic self 

  • maximise your career while balancing your health and personal life.

  • Believe in yourself

  • Feel revitalised

  • Have the energy to achieve your goals.

  • Remember you have a voice and a right to use it.

  • You will be defined by who you are not your condition.

  • Dial down pain and anxiety.

  • Achieve the goals and aspirations you deserve to achieve.

  • Take fear out of your life. 

  • Do all those things with friends and family you want to do.

  • Know that you will be able to follow through on plans you make.

  • You may even find that you can put your condition in to remission with the power of your mind.

  • Is it really worth not investing yourself?

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How does it work?

I thrive on helping you overcome your physical and mental health conditions so you can be the person you truley want to be.

This is a 90 day intensive 1:1 programme with four steps:

  1. Finding the root cause of your physical and emotional pain.

  2. Providing you with a transformational recording after each session to be llistened to for 21 day. The mind learns by repitition.

  3. Giving you the tools to set you free from the restrictions of chronic pain and health anxiety.

  4. provide you with healthy, happy, permanent results.

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What Should You Know

  • The Vibrant Vitality Coaching Programme is a mix of 1:1 Hypnotherapy and Coaching sessions designed to give rapid results - it's all in the name

  • No more spending months or years in therapy.

  • On top of this there are online modules to complete along with bonus hypnosis tracks to listen to at your leisure as you have lifetime access to the online portal

  • All sessions are virtual unless you request face to face.

  • You need to be fully prepared to put in the work – as you’ll be facing your past and there will be assignments and tasks to complete throughout the 90 days.

  • This is a transformational piece of work and some sessions can be lengthy.

  • This is an intense coaching programme designed to get you results as quickly as possible. To support with this you will have direct access to me via DM for exta support.  

  • Be assured I am dedicated to you and as such only work with a few people at any one time.

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